Family Behavioral Services

Mary Ann Ellis' process that is used to conduct functional assessments include consultations with the caregivers, children and youth to identify the problem and develop a plan to alter and improve the behavior and/or learning style targeted through the assessment.  The assessment of the problem is based on observations and reports provided by the participants.  Mary Ann uses a structured questioning process to help the family identify the nature of the specific problem.  Acceptable behaviors that serve a similar function to the inappropriate behaviors are identified, and strategies are developed to teach and maintain the approved behaviors while reducing the problem behaviors.  Active involvement in this analysis should help participants to sense ownership in the plan thereby increasing the probability of its success.

Functional Assessments / Individualized Therapy /  Family - focused Services

Functional Assessment

Functional Behavioral, Academic, and / or Family Assessment & Planning

Parents, grandparents, and other caregivers may experience a myriad of behavioral difficulties with the children and adolescents [and adults with special needs] under their supervision.  Children and youth may experience difficulties learning, meeting their expectations on tests, and/or grades.  There are many factors that influence the development and maintenance of these problems.  These factors exist in different settings such as the home, school, and community environments.  Functional assessment is a tool that is used to assist caregivers, children, and youth in identifying and understanding the reasons for inappropriate actions, unwanted behaviors, and/or learning behavior; and this process helps to empower the people in authority to take necessary steps to ease the problems.  This service is scientifically structured to effect behavior and/or learning change and to show empirical evidence of its effects.

Serving Families and their Infants, Children, Youth and Young Adults, Developmental Disabilities

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Family Behavioral Services

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