Family Behavioral Services

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Family Behavioral Services

Serving Families and their Infants, Children, Youth and Young Adults

Child Education for Family Stability course $75 /  For each additional child in same family $37.50

Includes individual class for one child [parents may also attend]; relevant folder with activities and supplemental reading materials;

and course certificate[s].

Intervention-Related Therapy $88(fee per session)

Social Skills or Anger-Management Training
(when purchased as a package) $68 or $78 per session

Parental Home Study (for Court-related and/or adoption purposes) -

Includes interviews with each household member; functional assessment of parental styles; asset summary; home visit with pictures;

andreport$1,200up to 14 documented hours / $89background check.
 Adult Therapy - $100 (fee per session) - 

Therapy provided on-site in private office by a contracted clinical psychologist 

Psychoeducational Assessment $480

Includes learning disabilities evaluation with IQ test and achievement test; psychological report; and consultative explanation of assessment results.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Measure $295

Includes administration of an IQ test; psychological report; and consultative explanation of assessment results.

Autism Evaluation - $895

Functional Behavioral, Academic, or Family Assessment

Includes pre-consultation interview[s] as requested; initial consultation for assessment and plan; relevant telephone communication throughout therapy process; educational materials; and report of a normed behavioral questionnaire completed by parent or other caregiver - $245 ; without psychological report for included behavioral questionnaire(s) - $185.

Behavioral Questionnaires $115

Includes measure of questionnaire to address attentional difficulties or behavioral difficulties to be completed by

a caregiver and an educational professional; psychological report; and consultative explanation of assessment results.

Parent Education and Family Stabilization course $150

Includes individual class for one or both parents of the child/children; relevant folder(s) with supplemental reading material; and course certificate[s].

On-line affiliate course  $39  

Sample of Fees

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